Lifting a Piano Out of a Two-Storey Home

Pianos are not just beautiful musical instruments. They usually have sentimental value to their owners and great care must be taken when moving a piano.

Adding to the complexity of the task, pianos can weigh anything between 130 kilos to 400 kilos and require special skill and attention to move safely.

At OzHoist, we ensure the safe lifting of a piano with our hoist lift service. As professionals, we also take care not to disturb the home or area when moving a piano. This includes ensuring floorboards and carpet are not damaged, walls are not marked, and, most importantly, the piano is not disturbed in any way.

OzHoist regularly uses its hoist lifting equipment to remove pianos for high-rise buildings and homes. We are competent in securing the instrument as it is transferred from your home to our truck lift and gently ease the piano to the ground. Likewise, we work as a team to protect your piano when we lift it upwards to your home and lift it inside.

Our lifting service is the safest and most efficient way to lift or remove a piano.

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