OzHoist provides lifting services for large and awkward sized items.

Moving in or out of an apartment building, a townhouse or a two storey home with a verandah or balcony and can’t get your furniture in the lift, down the stairs or through the door?

OzHoist is the easy choice for a quick and pain-free removal in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast.


By using our balcony lifting service, sometimes known as craning, you are taking away the stress of heavy lifting while reducing the risk of damage to your valuable possessions. If your sofa, fridge and other large pieces of furniture don’t fit door the door or in the lift, we have the simple solution.

Eliminate the chance of costly destruction to your property with our fast and simple truck hoist service.


The high-rise hoisting solution

Our high-rise hoisting service is ideal for anyone moving in or out of a high-rise apartment building, a townhome or a two-storey home.

The most challenging part of moving is always navigating the internal corridors, staircases, narrow elevators, carparks and entryways. Not to mention dealing with neighbours, dogs, and cars going about their day in your unit block.

With our truck-mounted inclined lift, these everyday hazards are avoided.


Secure and fast moving

Balcony furniture removal is an efficient and faster way to move your difficult to move furniture or other house belongings to any floor required or any high rise apartment.

At OzHoist, we use our external truck hoist elevator to safely and securely lift your household items and furniture in and out of your apartment, townhouse, villa or house, either using your balcony or a large external window.

Our crane hoist lifting equipment can securely move those large, heavy and awkward household items like the sofa, fridge, big screen tv and large cabinetry from your apartment or home and into the moving truck, or from the truck up into your apartment or home.

So long as the largest piece of furniture you need to move can fit through your balcony door, or a large window opening, and weighs no more than 400 kg, our experienced team will carefully and securely lift and then safely glide your items using our very safe, mounted truck-mounted incline lift.


The benefits of hoisting 

There are many benefits of using our furniture hoist to complete your home move.

No Stress: 

  • Furniture hoisting is safe for our staff
  • This method of furniture removal requires less stress on the body
  • There is a reduced the chance of injury

Less chance of damage: 

  • The chances of damage to your possessions are reduced by balcony furniture removal
  • Your valuable possessions traveling a shorter distance
  • Hoisting removes the hassle of dismantling doors and skirting boards because items simply don’t fit

Reduced costs:

  • With our furniture hoist your home move is completed quicker
  • There is less handling of your furniture and a quick loading and unloading time
  • Enjoy cost-savings when compared to traditional moving costs

Time efficient: 

  • Our truck lift hoist can smoothly and quickly lift your furniture up and down floors
  • Your possessions are loaded directly into a moving truck


Quickly and securely move large, heavy and awkward household items.

Professional high-rise hoisting service