Safely Moving Antique Furniture Into a Two-Storey Home

Antique furniture, art objects are well-suited to our hoist lift.

These pieces are not just fragile but often carry sentimental value are irreplaceable to the owner.

Our team understand their priceless value and using OzHoist’s lift hoist is the safest and efficient way to lift your antiques in and out of your home or apartment.

We safeguard your delicate antique pieces during transportation with quality packing materials

Our unique lifting service provides the best chance for your items to be moved efficiently and without the most limited risk of damage.

Particularly for large, heavy and awkward sized antique pieces, using our lifting service limits the amount of movement and stress placed upon your precise items. With no jostling up and down staircases or movers constantly picking and up and putting down your delicate antiques, there is less risk your antiques will arrive with scratches and marks or other damage.

Our professional staff carefully load and unload delicate objects on our lift, safely and securely transfer them and place them immediately in your unit, apartment, multi-storey home, townhouse or office.