FAQ – Hoist Lifting Services

Many of our customers ask us questions about our hoist truck. These are the answers to the commonly asked questions about OzHoist’s furniture hoist, platform lifting & cable hoisting services in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


What areas does OzHoist operate?

OzHoist is a Brisbane based business.

We operate in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, plus the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

For customers who require a furniture hoist, platform lifting and cable hoisting in Sydney or Melbourne, we recommend other professional hoist and lifting services. Please read more here.


What is the maximum height that OzHoist can reach with its lifting service?

The maximum height is 8 – 9 floors, which is approximately 28 metres high.


What is the maximum weight that OzHoist can take per load on the hoist truck?

The maximum load is 400kg, however, please note that this is subject to the distance of our truck from the building.


Where will the truck/lift to be positioned to hoist up the furniture or building materials?

We will position our truck directly in line with the window or balcony we are hoisting up to. This is to allow for our team to safely position our ladder against the balcony rail or window and means we can safely load or load your possessions or building supplies.


What is the maximum distance from the building you can park your truck?

The furthest distance we can park the hoist truck is 10 metres.


How much space does the OzHoist’s truck need?

To operate effectively our truck mounted hoist takes up about 2 parking bays.


Will I need any permits?

No. A permit is not required for OzHoist to operate our lifting services on your private land. However, a crane permit or a permit to stand might be required if our truck is operating on public land, such as the street or footpath.


There are overhead power-lines and cables near my home. Is this going to be a problem?

Safety of our team is always our foremost concern. There must be no obstacles overhead or to the sides of our truck, such as power lines or tree branches.

We require a safe clearance of at least 3 metres between powerlines and any part of the lift or its load.


Wind is predicted on the day I have booked OzHoist’s lifting service.  How will this affect the lift’s operation?

Safety of our team and the safe delivery of your goods are always our main concerns. In some instances, it may be necessary to postpone the lift service, especially if we are lifting to higher floors when there are higher winds. We will keep you informed on the day of your job.

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