Accessing Upper Levels in Narrow Blocks

Narrow blocks make it hard to gain access to upper levels. Whether during the building process, or for residents looking to move in and out, or deliver bulky items, a narrow block with restricted access can create difficulties.

The OzHoist truck hoist can solve many of the problems created by narrow blocks, or narrow access created by limited width driveways or footpaths.

With the truck hoist’s ability to reach up to 28 metres and offer a steady platform for lifting goods and supplies in or out of a building, OzHoist offers residents and builders the opportunity to receive their items even where the access is restricted.

OzHoist’s flexible truck hoist can be used to access the upper-level balconies of narrow blocks to deliver building supplies or, parked in narrow access paths on a side angle, to access balconies of units and townhouses to deliver household items such as fridges and