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Professional high-rise hoisting services

OzHoist Professional Balcony Lifting

OzHoist is your heavy lifting solution in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast regions of Queensland.

  • Unique external truck elevator lifting hoist
  • Fast, safe and efficient
  • Lift bulky items and materials over (or out of!) balconies, verandahs or roof areas
  • quickly where access is problematic
  • For both business and families
  • No need for scaffolds or a large crane on site



OzHoist is your heavy lifting solution in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.


The benefits of hoist lifting

Our professional hoist lift can quickly transfer your large furniture or building materials from the street to a window, balcony or roof area without the need for scaffolds or a large crane on site.

As well as supplying our hoisting truck with a friendly, trained operator, we ensure you get your furniture or building materials safely over your balcony, onto your roof or through your window opening.

There are many benefits of OzHoist external truck elevator to hoist your possessions

  • No more stressful lifting heavy items
  • Reduced risk of damage to your belongings or building materials being carried and squeezed through tight entries
  • Quicker than traditional moving
  • Less chance of injury to people
  • Avoids hazards of narrow doors, lifts and stairwells


The OzHoist hoist lift is capable of lifting construction and building supplies or can speed up your home move.

Our crane hoist lift service can cut down move time for two-storey homes, townhomes or apartment buildings up to 9 floors. We quickly and safely solve the issue of access by directly delivering or removing your possession from your balcony, window or rooftop (for building sites).


Eliminate access problems with OzHoist

When access is a problem, we can eliminate the need to manoeuvre awkward, heavy items.

By using our external moving hoist you can avoid damaging your valuable personal possessions by eliminating the need to maneuver items through the maze of apartment buildings. Lifting your furniture means no more

  • waiting for neighbours to pass in hallways and delays with building lifts
  • worrying about small lifts
  • carrying heavy furniture up narrow stairways
  • navigating narrow internal corridors
  • attempting to squeeze your valuables through small doorframes

Ozhoist lifting services takes the hassle and impossibility out of moving big items up multiple story buildings and can complete your big move much faster.


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If your furniture cannot fit in a lift or cannot go down the stairs, OzHoist can help.


What we move

Needing a lounge, dining table, fridge, maybe some building materials moved up or down floors of a building in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast?

At OzHoist we help both businesses and families lift a variety of bulky items up and over balconies and verandahs (and out and down too!).

We specialise in moving heavy furniture and building materials using balcony our truck mounted platform hoist lift. We can help you with your personal or business hoisting needs.


Oz Hoist’s lifting service is ideal for bulky items and building materials that don’t fit in a lift or stairwell:

Lounges New designer furniture New kitchen appliances
Windows and glass Pianos Plasterboard
Fridges Spa Baths Glass splashbacks
Solar heating units Big Screen TVs Buffet units
Skylights Frames Large pot plants
Aluminum shutters Plumbing Supplies Boxes
Antiques Tables Heavy building materials
Air conditioning units Household removals Pool tables
Roofing Bathtubs Flatpack supplies
Heavy furniture Wood and Joinery Cabinetry
Large Artwork Marble benchtops Solar panels




Move and transfer heavy items easily and safely with our platform lift hoist.