OzHoist is a Brisbane based professional moving hoist business.

We service customers who need to lift large furniture or heavy building equipment into multi-storey homes, townhouses and apartment buildings in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, plus the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


OzHoist’s innovative hoisting solution

OzHoist offers a professional balcony lifting and hoisting service that is fast, safe and efficient.

OzHoist’s external truck elevator allows us to lift bulky items and building materials up to 28 metres quickly and safely where access is problematic.

We can move your bulky items and materials weighing up to 400 kilos by hoisting them with our external truck elevator from the street to a window, balcony or roof area without the need for scaffolds or a large crane on site.

Our unique lifting service is operated by our friendly and professional team who ensure you get your furniture or building supplies safely and without risk.

OzHoist’s truck-mounted lift hoist service lifts anything from household items, white goods, worksite equipment and building supplies. We can work with furniture removalists, individuals doing their own home moving, builders, home renovators or professional trades.


Move bulky items quickly

OzHoist’s external truck elevator is a unique service that solves logistical challenges for residents moving heavy and bulky items, builders and renovators.

The heavy lifting is done as our professional hoist quickly and smoothly transfers your large furniture or building materials from the street to a window, balcony or roof area.

OzHoist specialises in moving heavy furniture and building materials up or down building floors using our smooth truck hoist platform lift, and our unique hoisting service avoids the need for scaffolds or a large crane on site.

Our unique truck mounted lift platform hoist allows for the smooth and efficient moving of items weighing up to 400 kilos.

This powerful lifting service can safely lift your bulky items and materials up or down 28 metres, or 8 – 9 building floors.


Solve the problem of access

OzHoist lifting services take the hassle and impossibility out of moving big items up multiple story buildings and into homes.

When access is a problem, we can help you move your personal belongings or building materials quickly and safely using our crane hoist lift service.

OzHoist’s lifting service provides for the direct delivery or removal of items via balconies, windows, or for building and construction materials can be delivered immediately to the rooftop of building sites.

OzHoist elevates the stress of manpower lifting and carrying your belongings or building materials up narrow staircases, internal corridors, and in and out lifts.

By using our external moving hoist to lift your items up to 28 metres, or 8 or 9 floors, you can avoid damage to your valuable personal possessions or building materials plus cut down on moving time.


OzHoist offers a professional heavy lifting solution with our external truck elevator.

Our professional team work with you to find the best options for delivering your personal belongings and also help businesses in the building and construction industry with our unique high-rise hoisting service.

Please contact us so we can discuss how we can help you with your hoisting needs.

Ozhoist handles your items with care.

Professional high-rise hoisting service